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Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much your recommendation for REAL CLEAR AK is appreciated...that product is GREAT!!  In this area, the product used primarily has been Bio-Lift...it was, to say the least, expensive and not very effective.  When your product arrived, we treated our 6,000 gal pond, which had become cloudy, green and unattracive over the course of the winter months.  Within four days, our water was back to clear, clean and no longer in line for being dumped.  Needless to say, we were delighted.  Your product saved us the time and expense of beginning over...again.  No more Bio-Lift will be used here.  Have been glad to share the new found product with a number of friends as well as contractors who build ponds.  For that reason, we have recently ordered more of this wonderful product.

Thanks, again,


Grand Junction, Colorado

April 2008


Customer returning a UV light told the store owner they no longer needed it.  They used Real Clear CW and it eliminated the need for the UV light.



St. Helena, California

May 2007


Thank God for AK! What would we do without it?


Pomo, CA

April 2007


I tried the product Real Clear AK.  I put it in my waterfall and in less than 3 days the algae was off the rocks.  I checked this morning and a lot of the algae in the pond is gone.  However, we will give it another treatment and hopefully all the rest will be gone soon.  It hasn’t bothered the fish at all.


Thank you,

Mary Robinson


April 2007


Hello, I am a retailer of pond products in Denver and was wondering if you would list me on your website as a place for people to buy your products.  I love several of your products and so do my customers.  (I) just want people to be able to find your products in Colorado and thought you might want to list me as a carrier.  Thank you!



Big Toolbox/Highlands Garden Center

Denver, CO

March 2007

We absolutely love the AK product for ponds. We think it is the BEST one on the market and


Thank you.


Windsor, CA

January 2007


I have two ponds in my backyard with Koi ......using Real Clear AK has produced the most dramatic results.  It has controlled the algae accumulation within the pond basin and stopped algae growth on the waterfall rocks. A K has made our ponds low maintenance and much more enjoyable.  Overall, A K has decreased pond maintenance and the cost of algae control; in addition it increased water clarity which was somewhat of an unintended consequence. Without reservation, I would recommend A K as a solution to pond owners with algae concerns.

Thank You

 Ed Hader

Sacramento, CA

August 2006






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